Study Board for International Affairs

The Study Board for International Affairs (SNIF) offers two Master’s degree programs: European Studies (ES) and Development and International Relations (DIR).

At Campus Ålborg, there are four optional specializations available for both programs: Global Gender StudiesChinese Area StudiesLatin American Studies and Arctic Studies.

In addition, we offer a double degree program China and International Relations (CIR) in collaboration with the University of International Relations in Beijing.

At Campus Copenhagen, we offer the MA program Development and International Relations with a mandatory specialization in Global Refugee Studies.

Members of the Study Board

Chair of Study Board

Ane Bislev
Fibigerstræde 3, room 7


Lise Rolandsen Agustín

Søren Dosenrode

Jesper Willaing Zeuthen

Danny Raymond


Bolette Halkjær Skov Sørensen (Vice Head of Chair)

Nicholas Pizzo

Laura-Madeleine Detels

Gustav Jensen


Anne Vestergaard Larsen 
Fibigerstræde 5, room 9


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Semester descriptions

Evaluations and quality assurance

Evaluations of the study programmes and teaching at the Study Board for International Affairs

► Quality assurance of study programmes and
     teaching at Aalborg University

► Common evaluation procedure for the study
     boards at Department of Politics and Society

Each semester, the Study Board assesses teaching activities in the study programmes under the Study Board for International Affairs. The assessments include courses, project work, the full semester and the full programme.

Below you can see the latest results of the assessment.


Vejledning og formularer til censorer og gæsteforelæsere

Recruitment Panel

The Recruitment Panel at the Study Board for International Affairs

In order to ensure high quality educations, a recruitment panel reviews and evaluates the programmes (European Studies, Development and International Relations) and specialisations (Global Refugee Studies, Global Gender Studies, Chinese Area Studies, Latin American Studies) on an on-going basis. The current members are: 

  • Ane Bislev, Associate Professor, Aalborg University (Head of Study Board)
  • Lise Rolandsen Agustín, Associate Professor, Aalborg University
  • Søren Dosenrode, Associate Professor, Aalborg University
  • Danny Raymond, Teaching Assistant Professor, Aalborg University
  • Jan Holm Ingemann, Vice Head of Department, Aalborg University
  • Camilla Kragelund, self-employed (intersections of social impact and business)
  • Marie Louise Gammelgård-Larsen, the permanent representation of Denamrk to the EU
  • Finn Reske-Nielsen, former Head of Mission, UNMIT
  • Helle Jacobsen, Head of Programme (gender, women and LGBT rights)
  • Christian Henne, Strategy and Portfolio Manager at Svitzer, part of Maersk Group
  • Kurt Bennetsen, Business North Denmark (Chamber of Commerce)
  • Christian Roslev, Aalborg Municipality

► Scope for dialogue with recruitment
     panels affiliated with AAU

Recruitment panel meetings

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