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The Co-production and Co-creation of Public Services Network is organizing its 11th annual conference. Our aim is to create and nurture an intellectual platform for the theoretical discussion and empirical analysis of coproduction and its implications for the organization and management of public services. Submit your abstract by January 10th, 2024.

Lagt online: 13.11.2023

Welcome to the 'Co-production of public services conference 2024'.  The conference call for papers now.

Co-creation and co-production refer to citizens being involved as co-designers and/or co-implementers of public services, alongside ‘regular’ service providers, i.e. government or non-profit professionals.

We seek innovative contributions on various aspects of co-production, including but not limited to the following themes:

  • Sustainability and Scalability: Conditions that promote or inhibit the ability of co-production initiatives to scale-up; factors contributing to long-term sustainability of co-production
  • Differences between co-production and co-creation: Refining definitional clarity, variations across borders, challenges and opportunities of co-production and co-creation
  • Measurement and evaluation of co-production: Methodologies and best practices for evaluating the effectiveness of co-production projects
  • Outcomes and Effects of Co-production: Dive deeper into the outcomes and effects of co-production on public services and society; long-term impacts (positive or negative) and implications for policymakers and practitioners
  • Managing organizations that engage in co-production: Strategies, structures and leadership of organizations that co-produce with citizens
  • Co-production and wicked problems: The value of co-production in tackling problems such as green transitions, refugee management and ageing populations
  • Digital co-production: How new technologies shift the nature of co-production, and the challenges this brings about

Submit your abstract

Please submit your abstract of maximum 500 words by January 10th, 2024. Participants will be notified of their acceptance by February 2024.

Submit abstract

Date and Location

The open meeting of the Co-production and Co-creation of Public Services Network will take place in Aalborg, Denmark, the 28th and 29th of May 2024.

You will find more information on this site later on.

Registration and cost

It will be possible to register on this site later on. 

The registration fee is 150 euros. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation.

Local organizing committee

Caitlin McMullin, associate professor, Department of Politics and Society, AAU, cnmm@dps.aau.dk
Jacob Brix, professor, Aalborg University Business School, jbri@business.aau.dk
Nanna Møller Mortensen, assistant professor, Department of Culture and Learning, AAU, nannamm@ikl.aau.dk



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