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New visiting PhD Fellow: Rasmus Jensen Schjødt

As of 1 September 2021 CUBB - Center for Borgerinddragende Beskæftigelsesindsatser (Local Innovation in Social and Employment services) has a new visiting PhD Fellow.

Lagt online: 31.08.2021

I am a new visiting PhD Fellow at CUBB for the duration of the autumn semester. I am in the final year of my PhD project at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University.

My research explores how young unemployed people aged 18-30 experience Danish active labour market policies. I do this through qualitative longitudinal research with a group of recipients of unemployment benefits (Uddannelseshjælp) in Aarhus Municipality. My focus is in particular on how different types of ALMP interventions affect wellbeing and motivation, and I use Self-Determination Theory as the main approach to unpacking these concepts.

Prior to starting my PhD, I worked for about ten years in international development, and since 2015 specifically on social protection/social policy in low- and middle income countries, as a consultant focused on qualitative research. International social policy is an area that still has my interest, and something I might return to post-PhD.

I am very interested in linking up with others with an interest in either active labour market policies or international social policy (or qualitative longitudinal research), so do send me an email or come by my office if you have time for a chat over a cup of coffee. I expect to be in Aalborg most Mondays and Wednesdays until the end of the year.


Fibigerstræde 1, room 36
9220 Aalborg East

Email: rajesc@dps.aau.dk 
Tel.: +45 2726 9866

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