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Call for papers and invitation to FLOW Conference

CANCELLED! Call for papers and invitation to FLOW Conference

Global flows of migrants and their impacts on North European welfare states.


12.03.2020 - 13.03.2020


​The FLOW midway conference has been cancelled due to the Corona virus

Call for papers

Immigration remains one of the most contentious issues in Europe even after the great European refugee crisis has settled. Some observers see immigration as a fundamental challenge to the economic sustainability of the welfare states and the social cohesion of welfare societies. Other observers see immigration as an opportunity to increase labour supply and diversity in an ageing and shrinking European labour market.

We do not intend to settle these issues, but open up a truly interdisciplinary debate on the causes and consequences of immigration for north-European welfare states. The conference is organized by the interdisciplinary FLOW research group, which includes researcher from social sciences, natural science and the humanities. The FLOW project examines immigration and the welfare state in Northern-Europe (Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands). We invite scholars from all academic disciplines to join the conference and contribute with papers on the following (nonexclusive) topics:

  • The causes of migration
  • The drivers of migration waves
  • Climate change and migration
  • Estimations of future migration waves to Northern-Europe
  • The impact of migration on Northern-European welfare states
  • Labour market integration of immigrants and refugees • Migration and the education system
  • Political, social and economic implication of migration in northern-European societies

The maximum number of participants is 65 persons. Abstract are selected by the steering committee on their scientific quality and the extent to which they contribute to the topics of the conference (maximum 400 words). The best papers will be selected for a special issue of an international journal. Upload your abstract and paper at Easychair. It is possible to participate in the conference without paper. 

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